Google Glass, Meet Segway

Update: The Only Way to Save Google Glass Is to Kill It

Did you know that Google Glass still exists?
Yes, the gadget that launched a thousand think pieces hasn’t disappeared, though the absence of hand-wringing about, say, Glass’ privacy implications suggests a worse fate than bad publicity. No one is going to worry about a product if no one is wearing it.
To be fair, we the media are still paying a certain kind of attention to Glass, much as The National Enquirer pays attention to aging celebrities who may not be long for this world. A recent Reuters piece catalogs the many ways developers are defecting from Glass. To which we say: stick a fork in Glass already, Google. It’s done.


But Brin’s timing is not propitious, coming as many developers and early Glass users are losing interest in the much-hyped, $1,500 test version of the product: a camera, processor and stamp-sized computer screen mounted to the edge of eyeglass frames. Google Inc itself has pushed back the Glass roll out to the mass market.
While Glass may find some specialized, even lucrative, uses in the workplace, its prospects of becoming a consumer hit in the near future are slim, many developers say.

Sergey, this is Dean.  Dean, Sergey.

Ouch==> Looking at the Segway/Consumer this is a bit …. awkward;

Why Glide?

  • You are your own person and you tend to travel off the beaten path
  • You’re progressive and you like incorporating cutting-edge technology into your day-to-day life
  • You fully support green transportation built in America
  • You’re a trendsetter. You don’t care what people think, you know you’re cool

So Segway, you’ve decided to ignore the low-sloping forehead, fly-over-country people.  That’s a great market strategy: Only sell to the corridors of LA – Seattle and DC – Boston .  That IS where all the Cool Kids live and they’re the only ones with money to burn. Amiright?

via Google Glass future clouded as some early believers lose faith | Reuters.