No Surprise: Penn State Police Murderer is a Nut

Eric Frein thought the nation was headed in the wrong direction and concluded that change couldn’t be made at the ballot box. So, two months ago, he picked up a high-powered rifle and ambushed two troopers outside a Pennsylvania State Police barracks to “wake people up,” according to new court documents that provide the first indication of a possible motive.
In an interview with authorities the night of his capture and in a letter to his parents, Frein revealed himself to be deeply dissatisfied with the government and society, saying he hoped to foment a revolution to reclaim “the liberties we once had,” said the documents, filed Thursday in support of terrorism charges against the sniper suspect.

Well Frein, you’ll just have to tell the details to the others on the cell block.  I am sure they are eager to listen to your shit.

via News from The Associated Press.