Ex-bus Driver, “You will have a Merry Christmas, my socialist government guarantees it.”

Update:With goods scarce in Caracas’s stores–Black Market (Duh)

The government now requires shoppers to give their names and identification card numbers to cashiers in the checkout aisle, and Maduro has ordered the installation of fingerprint scanners to make sure Venezuelans don’t exceed their purchase limits.

UpdateBarbie for everyone

Venezuela is stepping up efforts to combat shortages and rising prices so families can have a merry Christmas complete with 12-cent sacks of sugar and 50-cent chickens.

President Nicolas Maduro announced Friday that he is deploying hundreds of inspectors to enforce the government’s price regulations, which set the cost of everything from milk to toothbrushes artificially low.

“Today we deploy, and in November and December you will see that we have guaranteed a happy Christmas for the people,” he said during televised remarks.

via Shortages, inflation threaten Venezuela Christmas – The Times of India.