Research Triangle Institute: ‘Well, we only fleeced the money that was for overseas use.’

Six audits issued between March 2008 and September 2014 criticized RTI’s use of federal funds in Pakistan, Guatemala, Senegal, South Africa, Vietnam and other countries.

Other IG reports pointed to excessive spending by RTI’s in-country staff. The nonprofit once spent $23,000 set aside for fighting HIV on a single lunch at a luxury South African hotel, according to a Jan. 4, 2011, audit report.

A March 28, 2008, report found RTI billed USAID for millions in costs for a Pakistani education project after the program had ended.

RTI later billed USAID for teacher salaries in Senegal even though the local government was already paying them, according to a July 9, 2014, IG audit.

Some of the efforts entrusted to RTI were never fully implemented, while others were executed so poorly that USAID could not determine whether they were successful.

Eight IG reports issued between March 2008 and August 2014 found many RTI projects were inadequately designed or crudely implemented, such as those in Guatemala and Nicaragua.

In South Africa, RTI staff devoted “inordinate attention to minor details such as the color of furniture” while incurring major construction delays in the renovation and construction of women’s health treatment centers, IG auditors found.

Its only $1.8 billion.

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