Export-Import Bank Officials Still Waiting For IRS IT Dept. To Help Find Documents

Lawmakers tasked with overseeing the Export-Import Bank have issued a subpoena for records that detail the agency’s internal deliberations, saying they had endured months of “stonewalling” from Chairman Fred Hochberg and other bank officials.

Investigators with the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee subpoenaed the embattled agency Friday, demanding unredacted transcripts from meetings of the Export-Import Bank’s Board of Directors that occurred after January 2012. The committee requested the records in July and August, but the bank refused to comply.
In a letter to Hochberg, the bank’s chairman, four Republicans on the Oversight and Financial Services committees said they would exercise subpoena power to compel Ex-Im’s chief risk officer, chief financial officer and general counsel to appear before congressional investigators for depositions.

Wha….?  The ‘Party of Big Business‘ is trying to end the Ex-Im charter?

Good.  The sooner the better.

via Lawmakers Subpoena ‘Stonewalling’ Export-Import Bank.