Prince Chuck Calls on Muslims to End Religious Persecutions

Update: Queen Elizabeth murder plot foiled

The plan to stab Queen Elizabeth was foiled by British police, who arrested four Islamic terror suspects.
The suspects were allegedly planning to stab the 88-year-old monarch to death at the Royal Albert Hall, The Sun reported.

None of those arrested were believed to have direct links to Syria, but were suspected of being jihadists.


The Prince of Wales has condemned the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and called on Muslim leaders to help end the “indescribable tragedy” in Syria and Iraq. He called on leaders of all faiths to ensure their followers respect people of other religions rather than “remaining silent”.
Speaking in a video played at the House of Lords ahead of the publication of a new report that claims that Christians are the “most persecuted religious minority” in the world and that freedom of religion is most under threat in Muslim nations.
The Prince added that religion is essential to “our future as a free society”, adding that “horrendous and heart-breaking” events in Syria and Iraq had brought persecution “to the forefront of the world’s news”.

“A free society”?  Chuck, Daeshi do not want and will not have “a free society.”

A willful blindness.

via WATCH: Prince Charles Calls on Muslim Leaders to End Persecution of Christians.