Journalist Teams With Societal Tick, Sues American Hustle Makers For Defamation

And, as it turns out, Brodeur is actually correct about that part: he didn’t claim that microwaving food took all the nutrition out of it. He made claims about the resulting radiation exposure being a problem, but nothing about nutrition. Even in the book, he wrote about all the myriad dangers of microwave energy, be it from ovens or from US and Soviet soldiers beaming them into each other’s faces and stuff, but still there was no mention of nutrition. For this slight against his position, Brodeur is claiming libel, defamation, slander and false light, and would please like $1 million and the removal of his name from future prints of the film, mmkay?

Since he appears to have missed out on the character development in the movie, the character of Rosalyn is a complete damned whack-job who says innumerable crazy things. In other words, she’s portrayed in a manner that renders the viewer completely incapable of taking her seriously or in anyway thinking anything she claims or says is valid. She’s a manipulative sociopath. In other words, nobody watched this scene in this movie and immediately thought, “Ha, what a piece of shit Paul Brodeur is.”

Personal injury lawyers societal ticks get paid when monies are transferred from one party to another.

If there is not a current revenue stream for Ambulance Chasers to stick their proboscis into (prescription drugs, medical device, insurance settlements, asbestos, etc., etc., etc.,) they will try and invent a new stream.

via Journalist Sues American Hustle Makers For Defamation Because Crazy Character Misunderstood His Article | Techdirt.