Government’s ‘Good Faith’ Efforts Are Destroying The Fourth Amendment

The cumulative effect has been to turn the “good faith exception” into a blank check for Fourth Amendment violations. The exception gives all but the most egregious violations a pass, a fact recognized by the dissenting opinion in the Third Circuit hearing.

“[T]his approach … expands the good faith exception to the point of eviscerating the exclusionary rule altogether by failing to provide any cognizable limiting principle. Now, law enforcement shall be further emboldened knowing that the good faith exception will extricate officers from nearly any evidentiary conundrum.”

Those with valid Fourth Amendment complaints will find the courts nearly useless when seeking redress. Combined with the immunity routinely granted to law enforcement in civil cases, those whose rights are violated are left to hope for long-delayed settlements post-incarceration, rather than avail themselves of their rights when on trial for criminal charges — the point where the exclusionary rule would be of most use.

via The Exception Is The Rule: How The Government’s ‘Good Faith’ Efforts Are Destroying The Fourth Amendment | Techdirt.