Double Not Good Political Cartoon in Turkey = Prison

Despite Kart appearing as laid-back, his case was a serious matter, with prosecutors seeking to impose a 10-year prison sentence. Given the country’s heated national agenda and the frequency of Erdogan’s personal lawsuits, not many in Turkey closely followed the Kart case. On Oct. 23, however, the author and cartoonist Martin Rowson started a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #ErdoganCaricature. He asked cartoonists and caricaturists worldwide to show solidarity with Kart and share a caricature of Erdogan on social media. Rowson’s call went viral.

Within a week’s time, hundreds of caricatures had poured in from around the world in a show of support for Kart. A number of amateur efforts of unique Erdogan cartoons were also submitted. Veteran cartoonists gave step-by-step instructions on social media on how to draw the Turkish president.

via Caricatures of Erdogan flood Twitter – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East.