Daeshi, Murder, Rape and Slave Their Way to Allah’s Favor in Paradise

Since the Daeshi Islamic State began its lighting offensive across Iraq this summer, the Yazidis have been subjected to some of the most extreme violence and persecution at the hands of the Sunni insurgent group, including summary executions, rapes, torture, and forced conversion.

Some 500,000 Yazidis have been forced to flee their homes to the Sinjar mountains and Kurdish-held areas in northern Iraq since early August, according to UN figures. As many as 2,500 Yazidis have reportedly been captured and are being held by Daeshi Islamic State fighters.

Last month, Human Rights Watch interviewed dozens of Yazidi women and girls. The women in the report described being sold to militants who would pick them out of a line for their personal use. Some of the girls were as young as 12.

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كلاب سخيف خنزير

via Vice:  http://is.gd/itv54N