Joder el idioma Inglés

The directive was issued at a school where Spanish is spoken by the majority of cafeteria workers and about 85 percent of students, according to the United Teachers Los Angeles and Service Employees International Union Local 99, which represents cafeteria workers.

“I would say like 99 percent of the kids are Hispanic, so there’s no reason for them to tell them not to talk Spanish,” parent Frislian Gomez said.

In a statement issued Thursday, the LAUSD said it embraces its cultural community but the English-only policy is in place for safety reasons: “In an emergency situation in a busy kitchen area where an employee is trying to communicate ‘hot food’ or a similar warning it is suggested that these phrases are spoken in English for the benefit of everyone working in the kitchen and cafeteria area.”

LAUSD Responds To Backlash Over English-Only Cafeteria Rule « CBS Los Angeles.


2 thoughts on “Joder el idioma Inglés

  1. “Joder” translates a bit more harshly in google’s app..

    In the US, English. If I lived in the EU, trilingual in English/French/Spanish. If I lived in Mexico, Spanish and English. Wherever I lived, I would be fluent in the national primary language then always English, if it was not the primary.

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