HSBC Board Member, Vice-minister Chinese Central Government, Tells HK Citizens to, ‘Deal with Jim Crow for a while,’

An HSBC board member riled Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters by likening the city’s citizens to American slaves who should be more patient about gaining the right to vote.

According to a Hong Kong newspaper, at a trade meeting in Paris on Oct. 29 Laura Cha said: “American slaves were liberated in 1861 but did not get voting rights until 107 years later, so why can’t Hong Kong wait for a while?”

Cha’s remarks come after HSBC, the largest foreign bank in China by both assets and branches, told investors to sell stocks ahead of the protests and pulled advertising from a pro-democracy publication.

So, who is Laura May Lung CHA?  For HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation)  Cha is a board member on: Independent non-executive Directors, Nomination Committee, and Conduct & Values Committee.

Values…values…hmmmm what are HSBC’s Values: “By setting the highest standards of behaviour our aim is that all of our employees and customers can be proud of our business.”  –Stuart Gulliver, HSBC Group Chief Executive

Cha is a busy corporate girl.  She also is on Unilever’s Boards: Non-Executive Director and Corporate Responsibility Committee. And independent non-executive director of China Telecom Corporation Limited.

But governance and Ruling are in her blood.  In Hong Kong politics she; worked in the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong from 1991 to early 2001.  Chairman of Hong Kong’s Advisory Committee on Corruption, has been looking into alleged vote-rigging (damned democracy) in district elections in November (2013).  Most notably:   became the first person outside mainland China to join the Chinese Central Government at the vice-ministerial rank when she was appointed as vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

Further: She served as an Independent & Non Executive Director of Johnson Electric Holdings Ltd., from September 20, 2004 to August 24, 2009. She is a Member of the State Bar of California. She practiced law in the 1980s in San Francisco with Pillsbury, Madison and Sutro, and in Hong Kong with Coudert Brothers. Ms. Cha was awarded a Silver Bauhinia Star in 2001 by the Hong Kong Government for her public service. She holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin and Doctorate degree of Law and JD/law degree in 1982, both from the University of Santa Clara.

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