Baltimore (I take no Lip, with a cannon on my Hip) Police

Update and civilian charges exampleCase of Antonio Buehler, Arrested for Filming Police

Buehler was arrested and accused of spitting at one of the cops, Patrick Oborski. In the trial Oborski himself admitted it was just a little spittle in the course of Buehler asking him questions, not a full on contemptuous “spit in the face.” Buehler has a civil suit against Oborski over the incident ongoing.


On June 15, Officer Vincent Cosom Jr. exchanged words with Baltimore resident Kollin Truss, then was caught on CitiWatch crime cameras punching Truss in the face. The Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office said Cosom completed a report after the incident, saying the victim had assaulted him.

On Wednesday, prosecutors charged Cosom with second-degree assault, perjury and misconduct in office. But the attorneys for the 32-year-old Truss said the charges should have been stronger.

Cosum’s case didn’t go through a grand jury, and he wasn’t arrested. Instead, he’ll get a summons to appear in court. Those are some of the things that Truss’ attorneys said are wrong with how the case has been handled.

Just imagine how many 1st degree charges a civilian would be cited for putting a hand out to stop this gang-bashing.

via Baltimore police officer accused of brutality charged | Maryland News – WBAL Home.