Religion of Peace(TM) Murders Police Colonel, Hangs Mutilated Body From Fence

The Islamic State Daeshi are conducting a purge, killing dozens of former policemen and soldiers living in areas of Iraq under its control, in a campaign apparently aimed at preventing any uprising against its extremist rule.

Former officers have been gunned down in their homes, rounded up and shot in groups or killed in public squares as an example to others in recent weeks, particularly in the northern city of Mosul, the largest city in the swath of territory bridging Iraq and neighboring Syria that the militant group controls.

In one recent killing, Islamic State Daeshi group gunmen last week stormed the home of former police Col. Mohammed Hassan, in Mosul. Hassan and his son fought back, killing three attackers before they were gunned down.

The militants then hung his mutilated body from a fence* for several days near his home as an example, according to two residents who witnessed the battle and were aware of the events leading up to it.

*Brought to you by, the Religion of Peace(TM)

كلاب سخيف خنزير

vai AP: