AP’s Josh Lederman Performs Written Fellatio on VP Clouseau

Ghads AP, can’t you keep your writers from this verbal slobbering:

It’s the stuff of a campaign manager’s dream: The sitting vice president, in the midst of his own run for president, dashes across Pennsylvania Avenue and bursts into the Senate to cast the deciding vote on make-or-break legislation, saving the day for his party while C-SPAN cameras capture the moment.

For Joe Biden, it could become a reality – in the event of a deadlocked Senate after the midterm elections.

“…vice president’s role as the 101st senator would instantly be elevated…”

“…help him try to rival the rock-star status…”

A creature of the Senate, Biden spent nearly four decades steeped in the chamber’s tradition and camaraderie, and a high-profile return…”

“…create an opening for Biden to play deal-broker behind the scenes, boosting his credibility as a pragmatist…”

Isn’t this act normally kept private?  Ick.

via AP: http://is.gd/eLOwoO