Another Step Forward to a Working Holodeck (con’d)

Rather than a tangible screen, the HaptoMime display projects holographic images into the air with the help of reflective surfaces, creating what appears to be floating images. The images don’t only serve an aesthetic purpose — you can manipulate them with your fingers as you would with a regular touchscreen. The technology that allows the system to recognize touch input is simple enough — an infrared sensor detects the location of the person’s hand, which is then matched with the location of the reflected image. This type of technology has been used before, usually boasting to “turn any surface into a touchscreen,” or at least projecting a specific set of touchscreen controls onto any surface. What makes HaptoMime unique is not that the touch display is holographic, but that you can actually feel what you’re touching.

via Haptic holographic display turns thin air into a touchscreen | ExtremeTech.