Minister of Big Hats, Plans Triumphant Return for Spring 2015 Show

Kaesong – North Korea’s own ‘Lil Kim’ Jong Un, The Minister of Millinery, The Clutch of Crutch, The Missile Marauder, announces his triumphant return to the fashion scene.  In a cat walk extravaganza not seen east of Red Square Lil Kim will show the world his explosive new line of bewitching Big Hats.  “el K” has the declared the dark epoch of blue blazer as, “Dead as Hyon Song-wol”  and “Long live the time of mountainous whoppers.”

It is unknown at press time if Deni “The Worm” will return in his stunningly stolid
performance as the premiere pinnacle for Lil Kim’s specters.

MoBH spring set review

Lil Kim and his entourage reviewing his masterpiece, 2014’s Big Hat Hit, “Rubber Swan” at Haute couture, only and one-of-a-kind Duckwalk.