A Cop Weighs in on When to Call 911 on a Parent

The government has done a good job of programming people to call them for everything.  Being a street cop for 22 years, I have witnessed America’s slide from self-reliance to dependence in incremental steps.

The invention of 911 has been a good thing and undoubtedly has saved many lives, prevented crimes, and has aided us in apprehending dangerous people.

It has also revealed an embarrassing lack of critical thinking and common sense among some who call the police for everything.  My favorite 911 call is the unknown problem call.

You haven’t lived until you have rushed to a capable citizen’s home to discover they want you to change the channel on the TV, take out their garbage, guide them out of their house when a tree has fallen and blocked the front entrance. (HINT: Go out the back door), or to tell a kid they should wear a helmet while jumping a bike over a ramp.

It has also led to a convenient tattle-tale machine, which allows helicopter parents to report non-helicopter parents anonymously if they observe behavior they don’t agree with.

Hooray for common sense!

via Free Range Kids