Japan Attempts to Stick its Finger in the Dike of Technology

A Japanese court on Monday jailed a man for two years for making guns with a 3-D printer in what is believed to be a first in a nation with strict gun controls.

Yoshitomo Imura, 28, was found guilty of making two guns at his home and publishing a video online detailing the process, said the Yokohama District Court.

“The criminal responsibility for this act is serious” as it could encourage others to replicate the act, said presiding judge Koji Inaba.

Imura, a former employee of the Shonan Institute of Technology, used Internet-based information to build the two functional guns, according to the ruling.

He then posted a video online detailing how he built them.

Futile and feeble.  They only know about Imura because he posted a video.

via 3-D Printed Gun Gets Japanese Man Jail Time : Discovery News.