Bludgeoning The Way to Equality Nirvana

Particularly egregious for Lusardi was the fact that one of his supervisors continued to refer to him as “Sir” in email communications. This made it difficult for Lusardi to sleep at night. Tamara also alleges that over the course of time he was denied work.
“[T]he Agency inappropriately restricted [Tamara’s] restroom usage, repeatedly failed to use her proper name and pronouns, and subjected her and her workplace conversations to increased review and scrutiny,” the report noted. The move represents a serious follow through of Obama’s executive order from July, which bans workplace discrimination against LGBT federal government employees or contractors.
As a part of OSC recommendations, the Army will now mandate additional sensitivity training for supervisors and employees regarding LGBT issues.


  • Agree to something with your employer
  • Break the agreement
  • Sue

via Army Is Guilty For Barring Transgender From Female Restrooms | The Daily Caller.