Virtual Reality Brothel, Coming?

Available in 2015, Oculus XXX will transform your home to a virtual reality house of ill repute and will provide consumers with the ability to create the anatomical partner of one’s choice, from color of hair to breast size or to any other body part that warrants an adjustment.

Moreover, according to the Daily Beast, you can design the specific sexual act or positions that you desire, perhaps including sex you may be too embarrassed to ask for in real life.

Brian Shuster, founder and CEO of virtual reality network Utherverse, contends that Oculus Rift is better suited to bring in-your-face 3D porn to the consumer than the movie studios. “The studios doing major motion pictures weren’t exactly equipped to capture how the inner labia works,” he maintains.

I suppose if you add this to the equation, it might simulate.

I cannot remember the exact words, or who said it, but something like, ‘If you think internet addiction is bad now, just see what happens when VR sex with a Playmate becomes available.’

via Oculus XXX to Transform Home into a Virtual Reality Brothel in 2015.