Lawyers Trying To Get Paid (Environment Edition)

Taking a cue from the fight against the tobacco industry, environmentally minded lawyers have begun to view the courts as a new frontier in the fight against climate change.
Legal battles over US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) policies have long been fought out before judges and several suits are currently underway seeking to block its ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.
In a recent turning of the tables, though, plaintiffs attorneys say they might increasingly turn to the courts, suing fossil fuel companies and energy producers over their greenhouse gas emissions or their role in climate change impacts, like sea level rise.
But, despite the lack of success, say legal experts, the tactic is merely in its infancy and might become a potent tool in the absence of adequate national emissions standards or an international climate pact.
In recent years, four climate change lawsuits have been filed in US courts — three seeking financial damages from fossil fuel companies and one seeking to force several energy companies to reduce their carbon pollution.

Personal injury lawyers get paid when monies are transferred from one party to another.

If there is not a current revenue stream for Ambulance Chasers to stick their proboscis into (prescription drugs, medical device, insurance settlements, asbestos, etc., etc., etc.,) they will try and invent a new stream.

I can only imagine the size of these Enforcers goddamn carbon footprint .  The Environment is the tool these ticks will use to engorge themselves.  Any care for the host is just part of lizard brain biology to keep the flow of funds fresh and deep.

If they are able to create a believable nexus, for a jury of honest citizens, awarding damages to ——– who exactly (?), then I will be able to sue them and prove that they harshed my mellow, dude..