5 Sided War: Syrian airstrikes on Daeshi

The Syrian air force carried out more than 200 airstrikes around the country in the past 36 hours, an anti-regime group monitoring the war said Tuesday, a rapid increase in government raids as U.S.-led forces bomb jihadist insurgents elsewhere.

Meanwhile, a U.S.-backed rebel group claimed it destroyed two warplanes on the tarmac of Aleppo International Airport.

The intensified strikes by President Bashar Assad’s forces will add to the fear among his opponents that the government is taking advantage of the U.S. raids on ISIS to attack other foes, including opposition groups that Washington backs.

Analysts say the increase could be because the Syrian military wants to weaken rebel groups before they obtain training and equipment promised by the United States.

When the fire burns out what will be left in the ashes?

via Assad air force strikes 210 times in 36 hours | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR.