ACGMPS – Anthropogenic Caused Global Magnetic Pole Shift

Bumped!! Because ….. you know,  ummmm….. BIG GPS!!!!!!!

Earth’s magnetic north and south poles have flip-flopped many times in our planet’s history*—most recently, around 780,000 years ago. Geophysicists who study the magnetic field have long thought that the poles may be getting ready to switch again, and based on new data, it might happen earlier than anyone anticipated.

One Big-Ass Carbon Footprint

One Big-Ass Carbon Footprint

Geophysicists do not yet fully understand the process of geomagnetic reversals**, but they agree that our planet’s field is like a dipole magnet. Earth’s center consists of an inner core of solid iron and an outer core of liquid iron, a strong electrical conductor. The liquid iron in the outer core is buoyant, and as it heats near the inner core, it rises, cools off and then sinks. Earth’s rotation twists this moving iron liquid and generates a self-perpetuating magnetic field with north and south poles.

Everyone knows that Western humans using water (i.e. drinking, bathing) stealing Gaia’s Precious Fluids out of her body, started her wobble in the Sun’s rotations around. Then humans learned to mine the metals from her perfect crust, causing The Wobbles to get Worse.

We Need The World To Do Something, Now!!!

Best we start with a $olid NGO and many, many $tudies and  White Paper$.  We need $ome $eed funding from $oros, Lobbie$t for K Street (to acquire follow-on dollars from The Center For Absorption of Federal Funding) , UN intergovernmental busy bodies organizations and publicity.  Oh, and a $enior Executive….

Okay, I guess I can take the cut in pay and head up HAGMPS.


* Obviously, another “Big GPS” paid shill and denier.  We should find his address, hunt him down, and ‘switch his poles’.  Yea….. that’ll teach ’em.


Jail and fines for Deniers.

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