Pass the Popcorn: Former Iraqi pilots train Daeshi to fly on MiG jets

Update: Who know what Daeshi might be flying

The L-39A aircraftare typically used as trainers, but they’ve been pressed into service in Syria as light ground-attack aircraft. (The photo at the top of this VICE News story shows one of those planes firing on a target.) The jets are also used by the fledgling Afghan Air Force; the photos at the top of this story is a pair of Afghan L-39s in flight.


The Islamic State group is test flying, with the help of former Iraqi air force pilots, several fighter jets captured earlier from air bases belonging to the Syrian military, a Syrian activist group said Friday.

The report by the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights could not be independently confirmed, and U.S. official said they had no reports of IS militants flying jets in support of their forces on the ground.

Someone post video of this, please.

Gahds.  Who is doing maintenance on the MiGs?  Unless the idea is a one way, short range ground attack.

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