Woman Sent To Jail For Overgrown Yard

A July citation from the city reads: “On 6/13/14 Karen D. Holloway was given notice to correct property maintenance violation at her property located at 810 West Broadway. Section 302.1 of the City of Lenoir City Property Code requires all exterior property to be maintained. Section 302.4 requires all grass to be cut to less than 12 inches. As of the date Mrs. Holloway has not complied with the notice she received.”

On Tuesday, Holloway turned herself in and made an appeal to city officials.

But Holloway says she was stunned when Judge Terry Vann handed down a five-day jail sentence, before amending it Tuesday to six hours. She says she offered to do five days of community service instead of jail time, but Vann refused her offer, insisting that she serve the time behind bars — although Vann noted that she is not a criminal and that it is not a criminal case.

At least they didn’t send SWAT to get her at 0400

via Woman Sent To Jail For Overgrown Yard « CBS Atlanta.