Sharyl Attkisson: Did Grannie’s Aides ‘Lerner’ the Benghazi Documents?

Update” Grannie’s Eraser (Cheryl Mills) Continues Her Sacred Work.

Gilliam says that supervising attorneys at the Commerce Department told her, “We’re waiting on Cheryl Mills.”

“I said, ‘Who is Cheryl Mills?’ ‘Oh, she is the deputy counsel to the president.’

“I about dropped my jaw. I said, ‘What are documents doing over with Cheryl Mills?’ ”

Gilliam says the answer was that the document release by Commerce had to be “coordinated” with the White House.

“I found many, many references that I have highlighted in those meetings that we had that said ‘waiting on White House,’ ‘call Cheryl Mills,’ ‘Cheryl Mills has not responded yet,’ ‘Cheryl says no.’ ”


“…. named the two Hillary Clinton confidants who allegedly were  present: One was Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff and a former White House counsel who defended President Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial. The other, Chaffetz said, was Deputy Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan, who previously worked on Hillary Clinton’s and then Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns.”

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Update: Former State Dept. Official: Details of Maxwell’s Benghazi Document Story ‘Ring True’

A State Department whistleblower has come forward  to say the details of a former colleague’s account of the sifting of Benghazi-related documents to identify damaging material “ring true.”

The Daily Signal reported Monday on Raymond Maxwell, a former deputy assistant secretary at the State Department who says he observed an unusual after-hours session in a basement operations room of the agency’s headquarters in Washington in October 2012.