Sexting Didn’t Ruin This Girl’s Life, But an Arrest Would

Sext arrests among minors aren’t theoretical. Remember this story? A 17-year-old boy and his 15-year-old girlfriend were exchanging sexts. The boy was arrested and photographed—sans undies—to certify him as the miscreant. But that wasn’t enough. The authorities actually wanted to take him to a hospital and give him an erection drug (vodka?) to make absolutely sure he was the—forgive me—hardened criminal in the original photo that they were calling child porn.

Only universal ridicule stopped them.

I hope she takes her story to law enforcement agencies next, to remind them that often teens make regrettable choices when it comes to sex. That doesn’t make them sex offenders. It makes them young, horny, dumb. In other words, human.

We have to find a different solution to a lifetime label of ‘sex offender’ for children dong these kind of things.

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