Wi-Fi Should Scare the Hell Out of Verizon and AT&T

Update:Samsung develops WiFi FIVE times faster than existing

The group says previous attempts to use the 60GHz band for WiFi have failed because they used millimetre waves that travel by line-of-sight.

They have weak penetration properties, which means they often lose signal and data performance when they hit obstacles such as walls.

Using something known as a ‘wide-coverage beam-forming antennae’, Samsung says it has solved the speed issues that come with millimetre waves.


There will be senior executives that are completely vested in 4-5-6G networks and will NOT want to hear about this and cannot believe or fathom that their “battle” plan is not working in the real world.
My advice to them is to think of a way to adapt to WiFi–to embrace the change.  Make using WiFi a better experience than the other networks.

Look at what has happened to  some entrenched companies and their legacy business models:

  • Music industry + Napster
  • Movies + pirate bay
  • US automotive in the 70’s + Japanese imports

Just saying.

Wi-Fi Should Scare the Hell Out of Verizon and AT&T – Businessweek.