Daeshi boast of enslaving Yazidis

The Islamic State jihadist group  [Daeshi] says that it has given Yazidi women and children captured in northern Iraq to its fighters as spoils of war, boasting it had revived slavery.

The latest issue of its propaganda magazine Dabiq released on Sunday was the first clear admission by the organisation that it was holding and selling Yazidis as slaves.

In an article entitled “The revival of slavery before the hour”, Dabiq argues that by enslaving people it claims hold deviant religious beliefs, IS has restored an aspect of Islamic sharia law to its original meaning.

The Daeshi are less than pig-fucking mongrels.   The Religion of Peace’s faithful are restoring religious law to the origins:  Child Brides, Beheading, Slavery.  Some good ‘ol timey religious fervor.

كلاب سخيف خنزير

via Flash – IS jihadists boast of enslaving Yazidis – France 24.