S.G. Erickson: Why the Police Need M1A1s, Bradleys, 120mm Mortars

The demands of a weary public compelled state and local law enforcement to challenge more conventional thoughts on policing. A more targeted, tenacious approach to policing crime hot spots began to take root, and these tactics, because of their inherent danger, often necessitated the use of more specialized police personnel to carry them out.

‘You damn civilians wanted more Jack Boot and we’re happy to provide.’

It’s not the equipment that has us worried it is the attitude of the officers and command.  When we hear, “The Thin Blue Line” citizens understand the underlying meaning of; “Us verses Them.”

But it is inappropriate to suggest inhibiting state and local law enforcement from access to the tactics and equipment required to effectively counter growing, and ever-more-dangerous, threats.

So, I can surmise agreement with Texas’ Michael Heidingsfield.  Maybe a few AH-64s, F-16s and M1A1 will make sure you suppress the “growing, and ever-more-dangerous, threats.”?

via Why Has the Militarization of Police Increased in America?.