Expecting a Tsunami of Lerner’d Hard Drives at EPA in the Near Future

Congressional Republicans are investigating whether the Obama administration improperly colluded with a prominent environmental advocacy group, the Natural Resources Defense Council, as the Environmental Protection Agency drafted major climate change regulations.

As evidence, the lawmakers point to a series of friendly emails between the E.P.A. administrator, Gina McCarthy, and employees of the Natural Resources Defense Council, a powerful advocacy group with a long history of using lobbying and lawsuits to shape government policy. The emails show that the environmental group and the E.P.A. worked together on a series of policy and messaging moves meant to advance Mr. Obama’s climate change agenda without action from Congress.

Republicans say the most vivid example of a cozy relationship is an email exchange between Ms. McCarthy and David Doniger, a lawyer for the environmental group….

On Dec. 23, 2010, the day the settlement was announced, Mr. Doniger emailed Ms. McCarthy, “Thank you for today’s announcement. I know how hard you and your team are working to move us forward and keep us on the rails. This announcement is a major achievement.” He added, “We’ll be with you at every step in the year ahead.”

Ms. McCarthy responded, “Thanks David. I really appreciate your support and patience. Enjoy the holiday. The success is yours as much as mine.”

via Republicans to Investigate Environmental Group’s Influence on Carbon Rule – NYTimes.com.