London College Students Assaulted by Adjectives: Quick, Alert the Emergency Councilors

The LSE men’s rugby club was disbanded as a result of the pamphlets, which referred to women as “slags”, “mingers” and “crumpets” and said “homosexual debauchery” would not be tolerated. They also referred to King’s College university saying: “Quite simply put they are scum and they will all work for us one day.”

Professor Calhoun emailed students saying: “I should like to use this message to apologise on behalf of the School, especially to our female and/or gay first-year students, who had to face this abuse during their first few days at LSE. The School and the Students’ Union both have counselling and support services and I encourage you to make use of them. But the School also has organisations prepared to campaign for change and I encourage you to make use of them as well.”

Yes the flyers were boorish.  But are these students post 4-year BA?  Are they over 21.  Do their mum’s hold their little hands and walk them to class, make sure they take a nap and brush their teeth?