US hospitals are prepared for Ebola, experts say (That will not matter)

With the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. earlier this week, questions have been raised as to the preparedness of the country’s hospitals — but infectious disease specialists say facilities are ready.

“There are measures that are recommended for Ebola that are also part of routine hospital measures that they use for other diseases that are more common, like tuberculosis, hepatitis, measles,” Dr. Jeffrey Duchin, chief of communicable disease epidemiology & immunization of public health in Seattle and King County, Washington, told “The precautions, facilities, processes and procedures are already routinely used for other diseases and monitored in that context.”

This assumes that every single infected person is in a ‘prepared’ hospital when they become infectious.   As in the case of the original Patient Zero (Dallas) this person vomited outside the family house he was visiting.

If this get loose, there will people infectious outside of ‘prepared’ hospitals.