Police Handing Out Spyware to Parents

And: Sheriff Says ‘ComputerCOP’ Spyware Isn’t Spyware.

Blakely went right for the ad hominem, calling the EFF an “ultra-liberal organization that is not in any way credible on this.” In light of the EFF’s lawsuits against the U.S. government for surveilling the American public, and the organization’s unwavering criticism of the Obama administration and anti-privacy Democrats like Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the only appropriate response: LOL.

Blakely doesn’t stop there. “They’re more interested in protecting predators and pedophiles than in protecting our children.”


Police departments around the country have been distributing thousands of free copies of spyware to parents to monitor their children’s activity, a fact that’s come to light in the wake of a federal indictment this week against the maker of one commercial spyware tool on wiretapping charges.

The tool being distributed by agencies, known as ComputerCOP, has been purchased in bulk by more than two hundred police departments in thirty-five states as well as by sheriff’s offices and district attorneys. It’s designed to search computers for files and videos based on a keyword dictionary that comes with the software and also can log every keystroke on a computer, sending some of that data—in an unsecured manner—to a server belonging to the company that makes the software.

But according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which examined the spyware and uncovered the arrangement with law enforcement agencies, the spyware works badly and there is nothing to prevent parents who receive it from using it against other adults.

How does the FBI deal with spyware makers?

via Cops Are Handing Out Spyware to Parents—With Zero Oversight | WIRED.