Islamic State seizes Hit, assaults Iraqi military headquarters in Anbar

The Islamic State continues its offensive to consolidate control of Iraq’s Anbar province. Today, the jihadist group is reported to have taken control of the town of Hit and has launched assaults on the Anbar Operations Command north of Ramadi and the 7th Division headquarters at Al Asad Airbase in Al Baghdadi.

Iraqi officials confirmed that much of Hit, a town just 20 miles west of the provincial capital of Ramadi, is under the control of the Islamic State.

“Ninety percent of Hit has been overrun by militants,” a member of the Anbar provincial council told Reuters. Witnesses stated that “scores” of heavily armed fighters are patrolling the town and the Islamic State’s black flag is flying over several government buildings, including the mayor’s office and the police station. Sporadic fighting between Islamic State fighters and the local Albu Nimr tribe has also been reported.

Someone’s “Boots” will have to be on the ground to take these areas back.

via Islamic State seizes Hit, assaults Iraqi military headquarters in Anbar – The Long War Journal.