US Ebola (DC watch)

Update:Patient With Ebola-Like Symptoms Being Treated at Howard University Hospital in D.C.

The patient had traveled to Nigeria recently.
That person has been admitted to the hospital in stable condition, and is being isolated and tested. The medical team is working with the CDC to determine whether the patient has Ebola.
“In an abundance of caution, we have activated the appropriate infection control protocols, including isolating the patient,” said hospital spokesperson Kerry-Ann Hamilton in a statement. “Our medical team continues to evaluate and monitor progress in close collaboration with the CDC and the Department of Health.”


Update: 80 people are now being monitored for symptoms of Ebola in Texas

About 80 people are now being monitored for symptoms of Ebola in Texas, a Dallas County Health and Human Services spokeswoman said Thursday.

The people being monitored are the 12 to 18 people who first came into contact with the infected man – which federal health officials have said include three members of the ambulance crew that took the infected man to the hospital, as well as a handful of schoolchildren – as well as others those initial people had contact with, spokeswoman Erikka Neroes said.


UpdateSecond person being monitored for Ebola

DALLAS — Health officials are closely monitoring a possible second Ebola patient who had close contact with the first person to be diagnosed in the U.S., the director of Dallas County’s health department said Wednesday.

“Let me be real frank to the Dallas County residents: The fact that we have one confirmed case, there may be another case that is a close associate with this particular patient,” he said. “So this is real. There should be a concern, but it’s contained to the specific family members and close friends at this moment.”


And: Health Officials Seek Those Who Had Contact With Patient

Health officials in Dallas said Wednesday that they believed the man who is the first confirmed case of the Ebola virus in the country had come into contact with 12 to 18 people, including some schoolchildren, when he was experiencing symptoms.

Other people who came into contact with him include relatives and the medical technicians who took him by ambulance to the hospital. At least three Dallas Fire and Rescue emergency medical technicians were being monitored and were in isolation at home, according to officials.


Ebola patients are contagious once they begin showing symptoms, such as fever, diarrhea and vomiting, Frieden said.

Someone with these symptoms could infect health care workers, such as people working in an emergency room. The virus is spread only through contact with bodily fluids, such as blood or vomit, says Brett Giroir, CEO at Texas A&M Health Science Center, an intensive care specialist.

Ebola does not spread through the air, like measles or the flu, said David Lakey, commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Because the man was not sick on the plane or in the airport, Frieden said he’s not worried that others on his flight will become sick. Health officials are not contacting fellow passengers. “There is zero risk of transmission on the flight,” Frieden said. “He was checked for fever before getting on the flight.”

via Dallas hospital diagnoses first patient with Ebola.