‘Ghost Gunner’ Allows Home Milling Lower Receivers for Rifles

Wilson launched the project in response to de Leon’s bill, to “the rhetoric developed out of California of detectability as the norm, of the observability of everything to the modern state. This guy de Leon defined as a ‘ghost’ something not intelligible to the state and that’s a perfect way of talking about it.

Wilson waited to see what Brown would do with the bill before publicly launching; he’s convinced that had they gone live this time yesterday that Brown’s office might have been scared into signing the ghost gun bill that Brown instead vetoed.

“We decided we have to give them that world they are worried about with [de Leon’s ghost gun bill], to create the problem they are talking about, to give that problem to them,” Wilson says.

Wilson just wants to remind controllers they don’t live in the world they think they live in, a world where a mere law will actually stop something they perceive as a problem: someone possessing a tool of self-defense that is not visible and regulatable by the state.

via ‘Ghost Gunner’ from Cody Wilson Allows Home Milling Lower Receivers for Rifles for Just Over a Thousand Bucks – Hit & Run : Reason.com.