Free Range Kids: Oprah Show and 24hr News Cycle

As I pondered this, and thought about 24 hour news, and other logical explanations, one thing kept popping up in my head:   The Oprah Winfrey Show.
As I think about the litany of freak accidents and hidden dangers I need to be constantly worried about for my kids, almost everything has one common recurring element…I saw it on Oprah one time.  Baby drowning in an inch of water, healthy girl scrapes her knee and dies of MRSA, child decapitated by an airbag, carbon monoxide from the car in the garage kills the family, dry drowning, school shootings, home invasions, and countless other tragedies.  And then there are the abduction, molestation, and sexual predator stories.  These were typically featured on Oprah at least once a week.

via Did Oprah Make Us Terrified for Our Kids? : Free Range Kids.