The University of Dr. Jeckell and Mr. Hyde

“Our rational is that by teaching medically accurate sex education with prevention infused throughout, we will be heard by the folks who need this info the most. Young people are arguably interested in sex and many of them have had limited or no sex education. In teaching them about sex, we can also teach them about healthy relationships and consent,” said Summer Little, director of the campus Women’s Resource Center, a co-sponsor of Sex Week.

Citing the “provocative nature of the titles of the workshops,” the statement adds “the university is dependent upon the unfettered flow of ideas, not only in the classroom and the laboratory, but also in all university activities. As such, protecting freedom of expression is of central importance to the university.”

Well, which is it going to be?  Teach kids how to get off [Guess what administrative geniuses, they already know.] or are college campuses Rape Factories of Repression of 20%* of all girls?

Rape on college and university campuses across the US is a systemic problem, and so is the lack of action on the part of officials, many of whom want to suppress rape reporting as much as possible because it would make them look bad.

via Public University’s Sex Week Includes ‘Negotiating Successful Threesomes’ Event.