Hong Kong protesters turn to mesh networks to evade censorship

The rather cramped streets of Hong Kong are currently lined with tens of thousands of people — the Umbrella Revolution. They are mostly students and members of Occupy Central, who are protesting for a fully democratic election process during the Hong Kong 2017 leadership election. The Chinese government, as always, has blocked and censored a number of social media sites so that mainland China can’t see what’s going on in Hong Kong. If the protest continues, the authorities might turn to more drastic measures — such as cutting Hong Kong’s internet connection, or turning off the cellular networks. The Hong Kong protesters won’t be so easily thwarted, however: They are already using a mesh networking app called FireChat, which allows the protesters to communicate freely without any kind of centralized cellular or WiFi network. Clearly, the Umbrella Revolution is in it for the long haul.

via Hong Kong protesters turn to mesh networks to evade China’s censorship | ExtremeTech.