A Conundrum for US ‘Occupy’ Organizations:

Will they be for the HK Occupy Student protestors (= more freedom) or for (Fellow Leftest Travelers) Beijing (= less freedom)?

As protests spread into streets lined by some of Hong Kong’s most expensive real estate, black-shirted students distributing yellow ribbons are a common sight.
The Occupy Central movement which planned the latest civil disobedience campaign, backed by leading established Democrats many of whom are in their 60s and 70s, has acknowledged the students have stolen a march on them.
“We are touched by the works of students,” said Occupy founder Benny Tai, as he launched Occupy’s latest action several days earlier than planned because of the scale of the protests.

Conundrum for US ‘Occupy’ Organizations:

via Hong Kong’s student protesters ignite campaign against Beijing – Yahoo News.