Evidently, the most populous city in the US is ‘dating hell’ for women

Update: Uh-oh.  Well, that explains it then.

After making the big move to New York at 21, I had a never-ending string of suitors. I had it down to a science.

I would go on dates three to five evenings a week. My dates were all over the map: various degrees of education, divorced or never married, with or without children, between 24 and 44.

Yeahhhh…. and you better have ‘certain kind of flair’

Marriage and children were sincere afterthoughts at the time. My focus was my career, and although I wanted a boyfriend, I usually didn’t take any of the guys in my dating rotation seriously enough to commit to one. At some point, I imagined, I’d happen upon someone who would be IT — I would just know.

Elle, meet (your future) Jenny Bahn:

30 Is the New 50: Old Age Is Killing My Dating Life

It’s this logic that has most of my 30-something guy friends dating girls fresh out of college. Girls who, in my experience, are less impressive, less striving, less volatile, less successful, less intimidating, less questioning, less pressing, less complex, less damaged, less opinionated, less powerful, less womanly. They are less, and, to a guy not ready for anything—like most of the guys I have dated in New York—less is more.

Apparently, it’s a problem of who and where you are dating.

By the way, Elle, Jenny, meet Mandy Du.  Have some wine, you all should talk.

via 30 Is the New 50: Old Age Is Killing My Dating Life – TIME.