1 in 6 California Construction Workers Labors ‘Informally.’

California’s Governor Jerry Brown signed a law last week threatening punishment for handymen who advertise their services for jobs larger than $500, and giving state enforcers free access to job sites to check on contractors’ licenses. As Steven Greenhut noted for Reason, a big push for the law, which prescribes criminal time for unlicensed work that previously drew administrative penalties, came from the state’s contracting industry. In a state that continuously ranks toward the bottom of assessments of economic and social freedom, contractors seem dead-set on penalizing competitors who flee into the shadow economy to escape burdensome taxes and regulations. That’s a lot of competitors, considering that one in six of the state’s construction workers labors “informally.”

via 1 in 6 California Construction Workers Labors ‘Informally.’ Can’t Be the Lousy Business Environment, Can It? – Hit & Run : Reason.com.