New LED construction increases efficiency by 57 percent

Much of this realized increase has been achieved by using a new method devised by the researchers for the way the light is emitted from the LED. Current commercial LED design actually reduces the amount of light that gets transmitted because light is not channeled from where it is generated at the semiconductor junction, but rather focused by the rudimentary lens of the epoxy resin medium in which the semiconductor is contained. As a result, although LEDs are renowned for their efficiency, only a fraction of the light generated within an LED actually makes it beyond the lens.”It is exactly the same reason that lighting installed inside a swimming pool seems dim from outside – because the water traps the light,” said professor Stephen Chou, the Joseph C. Elgin Professor of Engineering at Princeton. “The solid structure of a LED traps far more light than the pool’s water.”


via Breakthrough in LED construction increases efficiency by 57 percent.