Virginia Dems: Women Are Only Vaginas That Vote

Note: this is NOT an editorial to push the interests of the ‘R’ candidate. As far as who to vote for, a friend of ours once said, “It’s a decision to choose between The Evil of Two Lessers.”  Several discussions with Mrs. RF, after being insulted over-and-over by Dem-generated Governor race ads, made her want this said:

Dear Democrat Party of Virginia,

Thank you so much for your covert misogyny.  I cannot tell you how much I detest being thought of, as a Vagina That Votes (VTV?).  The continuous ads running here (thanks cable company for having the “LAST” button on the remote.) warning Virginia women that if the R should become Governor (gasp!): state law on abortion will be overturned, access to contraception will be outlawed, and each female will be fitted with a government controlled chastity belt!!!

Really?              Really?

This is your grand-political-plan (and, it seems, of the national D party).  ‘If you elect the “R’s” they will come and take away your pussy.  So women, ‘Vote D to keep your Vagina free.’  As men are prone to say, with a particular color of disdain– Suck My Dick!!          (I would use a much more fitting, “Just lick me.” but it doesn’t have the same rhetorical punch.)

You think trying to frighten women to vote for you is a good idea?

Your campaign (mis)manager has the brilliant idea, ‘Let’s round up all the VTVs–message them that the R’s will take Virginia (national) law back to the 1890s.  That’s the sure path to victory.  Our polling says all Virginia women worry about, is how the government will treat their vaginas.  We don’t need to mention the economy, unemployment, transportation, or any those really hard governing issues.  Vote Vagina–that’s it.’

Just brilliant.

A reminder of the limited power in the position of Governor; One of the most hated taxes in Virginia was the ‘Car Tax‘ (personal property).  A candidate for Governor (Jim Gilmore, R) decided that would be good idea, as part of his platform, to repeal this tax.  He was elected in a landslide.   Gilmore followed up on his campaign issue and his administration moved to have the levy repealed.  The ideal was to be instant — 1 year.  The legislature gave Gilmore and Virginia voters 4 years for phase out.  Somehow, along the way of the 4 years, the Virginia legislature decided that they know how to better spend our money, could not live without the (now smaller) revenue from the car tax and stopped the phase out.  The synthetic-scary idea that the Governor, could by executive fiat, outlaw birth control and abortion is ludicrous.

The only person acting by executive fiat is currently working at the national level.  As I recall, quite a few of the 2012 national D election ads also claimed that the R party candidate, if elected, was going to make all Vagina’s submit to government control–a continuing theme from Dems.

I don’t think the Taliban obsess this much over women’s reproductive organs.

So, again, thanks so much Virginia (and national) Dems for your misogyny.  Nothing better than being reduced to a VTV, by your thinking and advertising.

To both parties: I will be voting for Sarvis (easy enough because I am libertarian).  I am tired of your poor acting, feigned outrage,  crappy leadership, and unquenchable thirst for our tax dollars (because you are so much smarter and know exactly where to spend the money.)  Sarvis is not a ‘wasted vote’ this year in Virginia.  When Sarvis gathers over 10% of the electorate votes (from all the other fed up VTVs) on November 5th, that means for the next 4 years, in all Virginia elections, libertarian candidates can get on the ballot without requiring a petition/signature drive.  And that is a good thing.

Time for some new ideas– because D’s and R’s–yours are not working.