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Like it or not, Salafist Islam is at war with the West. They take seriously the division of the world between Dar al Islam, the House of Submission, and Dar al Harb, the House of War. This ideology is widespread, decentralized and while they often squabble amongst themselves, they have shown many times that they are willing to put aside some of their differences in order to fight the infidels.

‘…I won’t let the facts get in the way of my opinion…’

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When Cops Don’t Need a Warrant To Crash Through Your Door

On July 17, a law enforcement task force including federal and local officers barged into the Sarasota, Florida home of Louise Goldsberry after a brief standoff. The officers, looking for a suspected child molester in Goldsberry’s apartment complex, insisted that the nurse’s frightened reaction to the sight of a stranger pointing a gun through her kitchen window was all the reason they needed to assume their target’s presence. “I feel bad for her,” U.S. Marshal Matt Wiggins told Sarasota Herald-Tribune columnist Tom Lyons. “But at the same time, I had to reasonably believe the bad guy was in her house based on what they were doing.”

What Goldberry and her boyfriend were doing was cowering in the presence of armed invaders. But that really might be all that it takes.

“Exigent circumstances” the definition is expanding and our rights are eroding.

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How to Think Outside The Blue Box

As the article notes, the “billable hour” is a concept that came from a 1950s economy where service professionals charged fees by simple, predictable units of time, allowing productivity to be organized and measured “as mechanically as a conveyor belt managed its throughput,” as Davidson puts it

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How Hollywood Helped Hitler

Beginning with wholesale changes made to Universal’s 1930 release All Quiet on the Western Front, Hollywood regularly ran scripts and finished movies by German officials for approval. When they objected to scenes or dialogue they thought made Germany look bad, criticized the Nazis or dwelled on the mistreatment of Jews, the studios would accommodate them — and make cuts in the American versions as well as those shown elsewhere in the world.

Sounds familiar. Today the ‘brave’ of Hollywood kowtow to China censors.

‘…Its a Huge Market, we cannot afford to piss them off.’


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Earth to Oprah….

Oprah Winfrey: … I remember being on my mountain in Maui, where I go to try to restore myself.

On…. your…. mountain?  Okay, then.

“…try to restore myself.”  What the hell does that mean?  That you read too many of your self-help author/guests books?  You are one of the richest people on the planet; you could hire people 24/7 to worry about each and every problem for you.

On using the N-word:
Lee Daniels: It’s a word I used quite a bit, until Oprah sat me down and talked to me about its power.
Winfrey: You cannot be my friend and use that word around me. It shows my age, but I feel strongly about it. … I always think of the millions of people who heard that as their last word as they were hanging from a tree.

Oprah, I have told you a billion times not to exaggerate.

The whole idea of dehumanizing, much less torture and murder of a person because of a difference in melanin is obscene enough.  Over-the-top false statistics cannot make it even worse.

Oprah Winfrey, Forest Whitaker Talk Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Racism, and the N-word.

Harvard creates brain-to-brain interface, allows humans to control other animals with thought

Researchers at Harvard University have created the first noninvasive brain-to-brain interface (BBI) between a human… and a rat. Simply by thinking the appropriate thought, the BBI allows the human to control the rat’s tail.

Maybe we can get politicians to do the job we elect them to do.

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When You Are Afraid of Upstart Competition, Club ’em with the Government

The taxi group, comprised of members from the San Francisco Cab Drivers Association and the United Taxicab Workers of San Francisco, are demanding that city officials and regulatory agencies consider rideshare companies as illegal taxi services.

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DoD: Playboy, Penthouse are not indecent

Morality in Media released the letter from Vollrath, saying the response “would be hilarious if it were not so tragic.” The group said it does not understand “why the Pentagon will continue to sell porn magazines despite being in the midst of its unprecedented sexual exploitation scandal.”

Try: “Its a free country.” on for size.  If that doesn’t fit, give The 1st Amendment a read.

What about all the ‘sexual filth’ in parables, from the bible?  Shall we ban and burn that book too?

Morons.  Worry about something important.

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Michael Totten: Tunisia on the Brink

My Tunisian fixer Ahmed tells me he’s all but certain the labor parties will win the next election and that Ennahda will be out on its ass. He can’t really know that, but it’s certainly plausible. Ennahda might even fall sooner than that if one of the liberal parties resigns from the government or if demonstrations become an unstoppable tide like they did during the revolution a few years ago. The country’s political center of gravity has been moving away from the Islamists since the day they entered the government, and the only hard power leverage they have is the banned Salafist movement, and even that’s just theoretical.

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Dear Friends in America…

I do see a significant discrepancy between what you people take for granted yet allow to be step by step taken away from you, and what life is really like here in Europe and the rest of the world. It amazes me how easily people in your country let go of the strings of liberty still in your grasp for a promise of the illusive security and prosperity. Well, sorry ladies and gentlemen, security is only as impenetrable as you make it for yourself, and prosperity only as lucrative as you make it grow with hard work. And it is the same everywhere in the world. The only difference is the amount of difficulties imposed by third parties that make achieving security and prosperity tougher.

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Foc.us: The first commercial tDCS headset that lets you safely overclock your brain

Basically, by pumping electrons into your brain, your neurons, which communicate via spikes of electricity, become more excitable. This means that they can fire more quickly, improving your reaction time. Furthermore, when you remove the current, your neurons are imbued with additional neuroplasticity — in other words, they more readily make new connections, improving your ability to learn new skills.

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Has Carl June Found a Key to Fighting Cancer?

Again, we live in amazing times.

Walter Keller had nearly lost his battle with leukemia when he went to Penn’s Carl June and his group of researchers for a radical new cancer treatment. What happened next may change medicine forever.

One big question all along has been the durability of the T cells. How long will they stay alive in the blood? Months? Years? Will cancer return in these patients? Doctors don’t know. “I don’t think we’ve proven that we’ve cured anyone,” Porter says. Still, when Ludwig and Olson returned to Philly for their two-year checkups in the fall of 2012, they told doctors they felt great. The team checked their blood. The T cells were still alive, two years after infusion. Cancer undetectable.

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Resisting the Surveillance State

The scope of the surveillance came as a surprise even to the architect of the Patriot Act, Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis. The section the administration used to authorize the program, said Sensenbrenner, “was originally drafted to prevent data mining” of this sort.Obama’s interpretation is like reading the Ten Commandments to endorse murder and adultery — not plausible, and not at all what the author meant. The House measure aimed to restore something resembling what Congress had in mind.There is no reason to believe that when it comes to seizing records, more is better. Police will have better luck nabbing criminals if they focus on people who have done something suspicious than if they stop and frisk everyone who walks down the street.

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Dick-N-Twitter paid private eye $45,000 to investigate own 2011 ‘hacking’ lie

Weiner ultimately paid a private investigations firm, T&M Protection services, $43,100 from his campaign fund — knowing nobody hacked anything and that he’d sent the image himself.T&M officials declined to answer questions about what work they did and what they discovered.

PI: Yo Tony.  We got good news and bad news.  The good news is, we found who posted the pictures,  The bad news is, it was you.  Putz.

Pay my bill on time.

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An American Died Today: Col. George “Bud” Day

He said he told McCain politics was like prostitution.

“You have to do a whole bunch of things and then there is a paycheck,” he said.


Day called Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee, a turncoat who lied to Congress in 1971 about alleged war atrocities.”I draw a direct comparison to General Benedict Arnold of the Revolutionary War to Lt. John Kerry,” Day said in 2004. “Both went off to war, fought, and then turned against their country.”


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No Good Deed Will Go Unpunished

Amash—singled out by name by Sen. John McCain R-AZ as a “wacko bird” after Sen. Rand Paul’s epic filibuster over the Obama administration’s drone policy—has emerged as the leader of a pack of unapologetically libertarian-leaning Republicans who vote their principles rather than their party. Like Rand Paul—who has worked with liberal Sen. Ron Wyden D-OR and other Democrats on specific issues related to civil liberties—Amash shows that bipartisanship is not only possible but that it doesn’t have to be an exercise in mushy, centrist, logrolling compromise. For Amash, it’s not about splitting the difference between a turd sandwich and a giant douche, it’s about bringing votes to your side by standing up for core beliefs. No wonder GOP leaders have taken to calling Amash and others like him “assholes.”

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