Balko: How did America’s police become a military force on the streets?

Taylor was later appointed police chief of the small town of Winfield, Mo. Winfield was too small for its own SWAT team, even in the 2000s, but Taylor says she’d have quit before she ever created one. “Good police work has nothing to do with dressing up in black and breaking into houses in the middle of the night. And the mentality changes when they get put on the SWAT team. I remember a guy I was good friends with; it just completely changed him. The us-versus-them mentality takes over. You see that mentality in regular patrol officers too. But it’s much, much worse on the SWAT team. They’re more concerned with the drugs than they are with innocent bystanders. Because when you get into that mentality, there are no innocent people. There’s us and there’s the enemy. Children and dogs are always the easiest casualties.”

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Army restricts access to The Guardian (That works so well these days)

Employees at the Presidio installation reported to the Herald that they were able to access The Guardian’s US site,, but were blocked from clicking through to entire articles, which redirect to the UK site. This is not the first time the military has blocked access to a news organization; in 2010, the US Air Force blocked access to The New York Times and more than 25 other news organizations that were posting classified material made available by WikiLeaks.

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New cancer chemotherapy without the toxic side effects

The treatment was also very effective at stopping progression of CLL, and in most cases (71 percent) causing at least a partial remission. The results were independent of the doses used, which argues toward using smaller doses. The response was somewhat better (85 percent) in patients lacking high-risk genetic mutations. Overall, the 26-month survival rate was 83 percent, with little dependence of age or stage of the cancer at the start of participation in the study.


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This Guy Says He Can Fly an Electric Plane 3,500 Nonstop Miles — Across the Atlantic

Yates is a pilot. He got his license a year ago. Despite his inexperience, he has a dream. A crazy, outlandish, almost insane dream. He wants to repeat Charles Lindbergh’s historic flight across the Atlantic — in an electric airplane.

This Guy Says He Can Fly an Electric Plane 3,500 Nonstop Miles — Across the Atlantic | Autopia |

Klavan » Let Em’ Speak

And if you disagree — so the hell what? So a southern chef in her mid-sixties has issues with race. So an athlete speaks inelegantly about a heinous crime.  It’s not that we shouldn’t react or disagree or respond. But do we have to play the villagers in the last reel of Frankenstein whenever anyone steps two inches south of some imaginary line? All it is is a way of making ourselves feel righteous, of displaying our righteousness to others: “You can see what a good person I am by just how hard I kick Paula Deen when she says something wrong.”

Well spoken.

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Grandmother says she watched officer shoot girl, 7

Last week, a neighbor testified that he tried to tell officers before they raided the home that children were inside. Under cross-examination Monday, Jones said the officers were negligent.

“They knew there were children in there. So why would they come in there like that? They came to kill, and they killed a 7-year-old.”

Davis, the officer who tossed the stun grenade, said the team was unaware children were inside.

When asked by prosecutors if knowing children were in the house would have forced police to change raid tactics, Davis responded: “Probably not.”


The police have become enamored with door crashing and all the ‘free’ DoD supplied weapons and equipment.  All to avoidable..

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Researchers measure pulse with smartphone camera

…researchers have now rejigged their algorithms to optimize instead for detection of the head motion artifact associated with each beat. Remote detection of the heartbeat is a tremendous convenience that could potentially spot heart abnormalities in those who would otherwise never look twice — if it is accurate enough.

We live in amazing times.

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Washington keeps getting worse for whistleblowers

The results of such intimidation become clear both in the sudden silence of AP’s sources and in the failure of anyone at IRS to blow the whistle publicly in that agency’s ongoing scandal. Inspector General Russell George, who last month uncovered the tax agency’s harassment of conservative non-profit groups, testified before Congress, incredibly, that not one person at IRS would tell him who had given orders to target Tea Party groups.

How many time could we Good Subjects use this kind of ‘defense’ to the Crown before we found ourselves in jail?

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Radio biz: market share receded (Creative Destruction)

Watch it in real time.  Do you think the buggy-whip makers had some of the same thoughts?  ‘They have always bought our product.  They always will.’

There’s a fiction that we still live in a monoculture. This concept has been blown apart on television, where there are five hundred channels available, but the Luddites in radio still believe the Internet didn’t happen, that we’re all prisoners of the dial, where there are few stations and little innovation.

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….Perfectly Qualified be sent on this ‘Fool’s Mission’.

After expressing his condolences for the victims of devastating floods in northern India, Kerry said that “it appears as if, in many ways, in many places, Mother Nature is telling us to heed the warnings“.

Yea?  And the Big Bad Wolf has a Cabin in the Woods he wants to sell you, Jonny.

How long has India had Monsoon rains and flooding?  Probably as long as the central portion of the US has had tornadoes.


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The NSA Is Not the Only Organization Collecting Your Data

The personal information leaked by the bug is information that had not been given to Facebook by the users – it is data Facebook has been compiling on its users behind closed doors, without their consent.

Once you sign the EULA, anything goes for these companies.

Anger mounts after Facebook’s ‘shadow profiles’ leak in bug | ZDNet.